Political Economy in the Carolinas

An interdisciplinary journal focused on government and public policy in North and South Carolina.

About the Journal

Political Economy in the Carolinas is a fully refereed interdisciplinary journal broadly focused on government and public policy in North and South Carolina. It is affiliated with Classical Liberals in the Carolinas, a scholarly organization of academics, policy analFFysts, and business leaders meant to foster research and discussion of classical liberal ideas in formulating public policy in the two states. The analysis and research in published papers can take a broad range of approaches. The editors encourage comparative empirical analysis with other states in the region or nation, historical perspectives, interpretive or theoretical essays, and philosophical essays that might highlight classical liberal ideas in the context of contemporary policy analysis. 

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Journal Submissions

There are no requirements in terms of approach or disciplinary perspective. Indeed, submissions are welcome from a wide range of disciplines including political science, economics, legal studies, history, and philosophy.  The only requirement is that articles be rigorous, thoroughly researched, and represent an original contribution to the literature. In addition, articles should be written in a way that is intelligible to a non-specialist but broadly educated and engaged audience that would include academics, public policy and think tank researchers, and policy makers.

Manuscripts should not exceed 8,000 words and should include an abstract of no more than 250 words. Once the manuscript is under review, it is assigned to a member of our editorial board, along with a blind outside reviewer. The editor then determines acceptance of the manuscript based on feedback received. Accepted manuscripts must conform to Political Economy in the Carolinas’ style requirements. Citations should be in the author-date format, with full bibliographic information in a reference list and substantive notes prepared as numbered footnotes.

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Journal Editors

Roy Cordato, North Carolina State University

Managing Editor:
Adam C. Smith, Johnson & Wales University

Senior Editors:
Richard Ebeling, The Citadel
Jane Shaw Stroup, Martin Center for Academic Renewal
Andrew Taylor, North Carolina State University
Robert Whaples, Wake Forest University

Editorial Board

Peter Calcagno, College of Charleston
Stephanie Crofton, High Point University
Peter Frank, Grove City College
Daniel Hammond, Wake Forest University
Bradley Hobbs, Clemson University
Petur Jonsson, Fayetteville State University
Edward Lopez, Western Carolina University
Zagros Madjd-Sadjadi, Winston Salem State University
Steve Margolis, North Carolina State University
Kelley Markson, Wake Technical Community College
Rob McGregor, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Michael Munger, Duke University
James Otteson, Notre Dame University
Craig Richardson, Winston Salem State University
Robert Salvino, Coastal Carolina University
William Sandberg, University of South Carolina
Terry Stoops, The John Locke Foundation
Richard Stroup, North Carolina State University (retired)
Timothy Terrell, Wofford College
Bruce Yandle, Clemson University (retired)

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